Sunday, May 30, 2010

Where Would I Go?

If I could go on a vacation tomorrow, with all of my expenses paid, I think I would go back to Northern Ireland. Why? Some people might ask--would I go some place that I've already been. Well, that is where I went for my honeymoon two years ago and my husband and I had an absolutely awesome time! The only problem was, ten days just wasn't long enough. I would like to have more time to tour around the countryside. While Northern Ireland doesn't look that big on a map, it's larger than life when you get there and has the most amazing shades of green. I would also like to be able to tour around neighbouring countries while I am there (the fact that you can see Scotland from the coast of Ireland is very cool). I would also go to England.

There is one bed and breakfast that I would definitely want to stay at again while I was there. It was the Cairn Bay Lodge in Bangor and it was just beautiful. Our hosts were extremely friendly and very kind; and it didn't hurt that it was right on the water.

I would also like to return to the Botanical Gardens in Belfast. I am a sucker for flowers and they had some wonderful exotic plants and flowers there. My favourites were the hydrangeas. Everywhere you look people had them in their gardens. Ever since my honeymoon, I've been obsessed with acquiring them for my own gardens. But it is much harder to grow hydrangeas in a Canadian climate than in Ireland.

I would also add castles to my list of places to see. I got to see a couple while I was there, but there are many more that I would like to see.

The list of things I would do while in Northern Ireland goes on and on but due to the fact this is a blog and not a novel, I will end this here.


  1. Sooo Jelous!! I have always wanted to go to Ireland

  2. how pretty! I first saw the pictures and a dreamy place! It didn't look real and then you said you had been there!!! how cool is that!?!? Great post.. I"ll be back for more!

  3. Wow,Just the pictures and your words makes me feel to go there!!

  4. Can I come along with you? Your photos are beautiful - are they from your honeymoon?

  5. I have friends in and from Ireland and always wanted to go there too. Those pictures and your story increase my desire so much more. Now it is even harder to pick just ONE place out of the few I have in mind. :0)

  6. Having spent 12 years in Canada (in Alberta!) must say that what is missing in your lovely, huge country are the things that caught your eye (castles, green fields - prairie plains are not quite the same, somehow!). Hope you get back sometime soon. We've been back since 1987, and although we miss our friends, are glad we returned when we did.

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