Friday, May 18, 2012

Tell Me A Yarn...

I was at the library last week with my son for our weekly "1 2 3 Baby On My Knee" group with, as you guessed it, other babies and their caregivers--songs and stories shared by our wonderfully talented children's librarian, Diane.  Anyways, after baby time I always head over to the adult department to see if there is anything new in the crochet books (I'm always looking for new inspiration), and on my way I stopped at the new book section.  Well, what did I see there but a book that jumped right out at me, "All Wound Up" by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.  And before you start thinking, "Well, that could be a book about anything..."; it had a sheep and a ball of yarn on the cover and in smaller print, a sub-title so-to-speak, "the yarn harlot writes for a spin".  I instantly got very excited and quickly snatched it up off the shelf.  It is described as a collection of essays on knitting that are very entertaining and reflective at the same time.  And while I don't knit (at least not very well as of yet), I thought I might, as a crocheter, still relate to what Stephanie was writing about.  By the time I had pushed my son's stroller up to the counter to sign out the book (which is only about 10-12 feet from the "new books" shelf), I had read the first two pages and she already had me laughing!  I knew this was going to be a good book.  I won't give you a complete book review right now, as I'm still in the middle of reading it--life has gotten in the way and has slowed me down; but suffice it to say I'm enjoying it so much, I went back to the library and signed out the other two books Stephanie had there (this book, I came to find out was the third book she had written) in order that I could dive into them as soon as I was finished with this one.  Stephanie's other two books are called "Yarn Harlot" and "Free-Range Knitter".  She also maintains a popular blog at

Stay tuned for future posts on her and her books.  I can't wait to share what I've read!

Order the book here:  All Wound Up