Sunday, May 23, 2010

How I Became Hooked on Crochet

Yarn has been around me for most of my life. My mother knits, my grandmothers knit and I have a few aunts that knit. I'm sure some of them crochet too, but what I remember most is the knitting. For my tenth birthday, my parents gave me a set of knitting needles and some yarn and my mom proceeded to try to teach me to knit a scarf. Well....I still have the beginnings of that scarf, dropped stitches, holes and all. Let's just say that at that point in time, knitting was NOT for me.

It wasn't until about five years ago (16 years after my first knitting experience) that I decided I wanted to learn to crochet. This came about mainly because I was spending a lot of time with a dear friend whom was having a difficult pregnancy. Between spending time with her at her home and at the hospital, I wanted something to keep me busy while she was resting. So I headed to my nearest Walmart to pick up a ball of yarn, a crochet hook and a "how-to" book and the rest they say is crochet history.

I have basically taught myself how to crochet over the years--picking up new stitches and techniques as patterns require it. If I have any questions, I go to another close friend who's been crocheting since high school, my co-workers (some of whom are very into crafting) and now I also go to members of Etsy's Create Crochet Team whom are a great wealth of knowledge and have been a tremendous help.

I am always trying new patterns, but I seem to crochet more items for babies and children. If you visit my Etsy shop, that will be evident in what I have for sale there.

On another note, I am hoping to teach myself to knit this summer. I'm hoping that maybe I'll be better at it as an adult. ;)


  1. Great post! It's always fun to hear how others began hooking ;) and this "question of the week" should be interesting!


  2. great story. i bought myself a how to knt kit & have only attempted it once. maybe i will try again this summer too :)

  3. I am a fellow anti-knitter and pro-crocheter. Just can't help myself. Kudos to those who can knit, I just didn't like it:P Great story!!

  4. I understand why you're drawn to baby things. Anything made little is just too cute! Good luck teaching yourself to knit. If you need any pointers, I've actually been knitting longer than I've been crocheting and I'd be happy to help. :)
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